Just a little random film about my BCR experience.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thats Fab!:w00t: We’ll really miss you.:crying: But, BCR and no Riot picture?:angry:


The only picture I had, had the number plate in it. Didn’t think you would like it up.

Good decision, that should easily be erased…the number, not the bike!:smiley:

I’m thinking that The BCR without That Bike is much like having sex, but without the tapioca and the soapy frogs?:blink:

Who’s that creature in the red and white leathers? :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Miss those lanes, may have to change my plans of box hill next sunday and hit the BCR instead

Nice to see a cameo appearance of my poor bike in there as well!!

Hope the move back home goes well, maybe start your own BCR movement back home and post it on here to confuse people.:smiley:

Good stuff there,we obviously taught you well judging by the speed:w00t:.Looks like we’d struggle to keep up!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats really nice Renee, it wont be the same without you !!

I was actually reminded of following you last week and struggling to keep up!:smiley:

Here’s another memorable blast from the BCR past:

The actual speed is a bit… embarrassing. But, I did catch a cyclist on film almost drop his bike when I went past. I might be able to slow that bit down.

But those are my two favourite parts. The actual time taken would be longer than the maximum youtube limit.

I know that I have asked you this 3 times already. But when you going back?:frowning:

31st July - (Europe) - 17th Sept.
17th Sept- (UK) - 20th September to Oz

ha ha

But it’s not a race, so don’t feel pressured to keep up. You always need to ride at a pace you feel comfortable with. Keep that in mind in future, ok?

Yes Mam!:smiley:

Yes Mam!:smiley:

Ah, that does bring back memories… that was at the petrol station on the way home from my first BCR… I’ll gloss over the fact I’ve been slacking these past mumble months :ermm: Really got to get my act together!

I was hooped then, that was a long day, got up early to meet Jason at that very spot to guide him to the BCR, then did the BCR which goes the way we had just gone, then went back down to highbeach… and then back up again… Was a good day though

This was the Tesco BCR :w00t:

This was prolly the most stupid and dangerous BCR ever! Why would I ever listen to a man that rides through the snow from Saffron Walden to collier Row for a bike ride…and then insists that we dont ride into London where there will be no ice…why would I listen to you!