BCR Westside

Sunday 12th June

Leaving the Polish War Memorial, by the A40, Ruislip turn off… At 08.15

Prob be bout 80 miles round trip

Stopping off for breakfast around the Pirbright area :slight_smile:

Who’s up for it ?

bit far for me …when i’m bored of kent i’ll be there;)

Sounds good!
I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Did you have a particular day in mind?

Its on the 12th June as mentioned in the header:P

Looking forward to doing those roads in the light, just gotta find a bacon buttie shop.

Oh yeah! - the ‘header’ is a feature I’ve never really taken much notice of tbh, was assuming a date would be mentioned in the actual thread title or perhaps in the 1st post. One lives one learns (even at my age :hehe: ).

Hopefully I’ll be able to drag my sorry carcass along to this one.

Allan, take no notice of JasonB, He’s a nit picking c*nt :smiley:

I’ve edited the 1st post, case any other blind f00kers want to come along :stuck_out_tongue:

Be good to meet ya Mate :wink:

Bollox, thats Fathers Day, I have just been ruled out!

It was probably a bit far for the Riot anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

You could be back home early afternoon ;):slight_smile:

Google Maps says Pirbright is 2hrs from home! So even if it takes me an hour to get home, it still dont leave me too much time. I’d need to be home for midday to go to the In-Laws. But my wife and kids might want me to be home. I did just say that the kids wont giva phuck about me!:blush:

We’ll do another in a few weeks time, hopefully your be allowed at for that one :P:)

Would have been good to come on this a shake down my new (if I get it) ride. However I have a guy coming to pick up the Husky and it is also the MotoGp.

Next time you organise on make sure that it’s not on a GP weekend please…:wink:

No probs :slight_smile:

Man cave, you got any pic’s of the new Club House ? :slight_smile:

Don’t think your bike classed supermoto .

I thought “oh yeah I could go on this” then you put the date up as the 12th & thats not this Sunday as I was expecting it to be. It’d have been easier for me this Sunday thats all.

Any reason why it can’t be this Sunday? If it can’t then I’ll be out on the normal BCR route no doubt. :slight_smile:

Fathers day is the 19th

Sorry Mate, cant do this sunday, got a birthday barbie on the saturday…I’ll probably be w4nkered sunday morning :)We’ll be doing more on other sundays :wink:

Ok mate, I may be able to do the 12th.