BCR tomorrow?

As it says. So is anyone up for it?

Meet at 8:45 at the roundabout.

I sao wish i could, the weather is real good today i just wana get out on my bike but because of my leg i cant even get her back together let alon get out on the roads :crying: Have fun though guys

What have you done to your leg?

You have a pocket of fluid around the top of your knee and well basicaly ive fugged that up and now i cant bend my leg properly. Ive been getting more movement each day., Its just a case of keep bending it till i get full movement and then start exercising it lightly. Ive got physio 3 times a week so should be sorted quickly, he rekons about 2 to 3 weeks for it to all be sorted. I can walk without me crutches now just not for to long

I might sneak out for a bit? I’ll prolly go earlier and stay on the faster, clearer lanes if I do? Besides, you break my leg when I go riding with you!:smiley:

sorry m8 but will be prepin the bike for brands tomorrow. defo next week;)

Not deliberately though. :slight_smile:

Oh, thats ok then!:smiley: