BCR tomorrow the 23rd

It’s that time of week again.

Usual time & place. Little lanes to Hatfield heath for motards, normal route from there, woo hoo. :smiley:

So who’s up for it?

Not me this time, perhaps next week :smiley:

Yep, see you at the roundabout.

Possibly :slight_smile: 8:00 for 8:30 departure

Yes mate. See you tomorrow.

not going to be out this week. getting bike sorted at hm racing monday & did’nt enjoy the way it handled last week:crazy: enjoy:)

Come on Darren, no excuses :slight_smile:

See you all tomorrow.

I’d love to, but the problem with BCRs for me is that the start is just too far and it’s too early! :wink:

thank **** for that;)

Puff! :smiley:

the Magic Dragon.

Anyway, shut up grandad! :wink:

Thanks KTM crew :cool:

good ride,nice to meet some now faces,not so nice to meet the old ones!:

Does anyone know were i can get replacment sole for my sidi flexforce daisys?

Great ride today, Thanx :slight_smile:


or DIY :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=426820&postcount=25

Got to the roundabout to see the Orange show,where were all you normal boys,just me and the Super Retards today on the BCR:w00t:

I just got back from working Kenilworth. Been there since 7.45am this morn!:angry:

Sorry I did n’t make it today. I hear from Marios it was a good run. I’ll be back next Sun. Althought I might do a run on Tuesday if you are interested, Hope the new beast is living up to your expectations.

Yep it was good as always,I did split when they went on to the retard lanes and met them further on.Tuesday could be an idea,I am off work for another 10 days:D

Not another sicky!:smiley:

I might c u on Tuesday then. I was intending to set off about 9.30am to avoid any commuters.