BCR tomorrow 4

The Breakfast Club Run is regrouping for tomorrow, any one interested? Usual place at 8,15 to Finchingfield for Breakfast and back by 1,00 pm

I am in, looking forward to try the Duc on the lanes!
See u in the morning.

o noooo, not another Italian bike, I think we better book the AA!

My bike is an Italian Market XR600!!! :pinch:

1.Can I use your AA card pleasey?:smiley:
2.What time we meeting/leaving?:cool:
3.Can anyone remember the route?:blush:

  1. yes
  2. 8.15
  3. it’s easy, just follow the debris in the bushes
  4. if it has rust in it it qualifies

Seeing im back on a KTM it would be rude not to wander along…:Wow:

Its what Sundays are for:cool:

3 = hey, dont tempt fate!:Whistling:
4 = Just had some new, especially imported, rust fitted!:w00t:

Bike trouble stopped play for me :frowning:

Shame you had to turn back, it was so great to get back on the lanes. Sport bikes all made it for breakfast lol!

Hope to see you all soon.

What’s up with it fella, did the big bad Italian bikes gang up on the Riot?

Another week and I should finally be out for some BCR fun this year. Note to self carbs are beyond my skills, bloody dark magic I tell you!!

I get the feeling that George is looking for a Italian Bike :smiley:

We missed you George, it was a blinder ride, never mind! You can always use it for a garden gate? :hehe:

Evidence :- parked up for Breakfast!

It was a good day,even without the spiritual Queen:hehe:. Even got to the Essex bike show at North Weald after tea and cake at High Beech

Geeees, No one is going to believe it! they all be rushing out to buy Italian bikes :smiley: