BCR This Sunday the 17th May

What are you afraid of😆

Sneaky what’s up? bike ?

Ah come on Sneak. Won’t be the same without you

Annoyingly have not got the bike back, and even more annoying is that I have no idea why it was not ready yesterday…grrr

See you guys in the morning for a great ride out !

Broady are you joining us on this fine day?

Sorry im not going to make this week, have to be in gym by 11am

See you all in the morning

What is BCR and where is it ? … I’m new to the forum.

I’m going to rename James and Jim Batman and Robin. Not sure which is which. I just know when they’re in your mirrors it’s like a Hollywood action film bearing down on you :slight_smile: hah. Thanks for a good morning chaps. Nice to see you broady. roll on summer!!

There’s no way I’m going to be Robin, so I suppose that makes me Batman, + it was a good ride today, nice to see you guy’s.

StreetDouble, it’s the Breakfast Club Run, early start, lots or empty country lanes a good breakfast at Finchingfield them more country lanes, & today we ended up back at Highbeach.

OK, thnaks for the reply, it’s 2.30pm now , I was heading to High Beach today, should be there by 3.00’ish on red/black Falco.


Thanks for the ride guys, it was the first time I became airborne on my bike thanks to Robins back lanes to high beach. Enjoyed the breakfast and thanks Broady for joining us on the loop.

James, I think you’ll find that you’re Robin :slight_smile:

Glad it was a good’un.

I’m afraid of YOU Broady! :-p

No problems for me or bike. I just need plenty of notice as I need sort my son to stay elsewhere. :wink:

Jim I think you’ll find that with half a bike… Your Robin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Half the bike yes, but also infront

Saw you guys at Finchingfield - we were four ZZR1400s and a R1 - didn’t eat in Bosworths (too busy) but had a cuppa across the way in the Tea Room. Saw you set off for a loop with a very noisy but pretty KTM and I think three others including that bloke on a black ZX10. Must join you once again on BCR run because these roads are amongst my favourites and you get an early start which makes them even better. Tricky roads but very rewarding.

“That bloke on the black ZX10” would be me.The racefit can on James’s 1290 was the noise😁