BCR this Sunday 20th.

So who’s up for it? :smiley:

Usual time & place.

They’ve all been scared off:w00t:

I haven’t replaced my worn out front brake pads yet so its probably not a wise idea for me just now

Shut up! Get out there today and scub’em!:stuck_out_tongue: Me? I’ll be at the flower arranging classes!

So is anyone actually coming out tomorrow?

Yep. Hopefully it will be warmer than it was earlier today, it was hard work chipping the ice off of the cars widows first thing this morning.

I might join you for the first few miles…no shore leave left.

I will glance out of the window in the morning and see how icy it looks :wink:

I’ll be there.

See you in the morning.

Just in case:

Good to see you guys!:cool: Sorry I couldn’t stay out;)

What happened in Ongar?

Matey on the ZX6 got tugged by a black XJR 1200 unmarked plod bike.

Good to see you again Adz, & good to meet Joey R1 & Dave.

See you all again. :slight_smile:

sorry I dashed off early, didn’t want to take any chance. next time i will make sure everything is up to date.

The BCR is just as good as I remember it and it was a pleasure to ride with such a decent bunch of guys. Shame that the boys in blue put a downer on us at the start. Dave is never gonna let me off for his 3 points.

Hopefully see you all soon. Stay safe.

Are you sure you were on the correct ride?:blink:

Ok Joey, I now have to admit that out of the 2 of us, you have the best R1… Thats only because I sold mine last night!:stuck_out_tongue: