BCR Sunday

Rite i will be making my way back to Germany on Sunday so this is my only chance of getting on a BCR this year as im off to the Jungle and unlikely to get any time off till the new year now.

Usual times…

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Good good, i’ll deffo be there to do it then :smiley:

I should be there too.

cu in the morning.

Well I best get to’ya tomo then!:slight_smile: (I may have to bail out tho)

Gianni, many months ago I was given a magazine for you that has some MV features in it. Should I bring it along or sling it in the bin?

What time we going ASBO? Earlier the better for me…as usual:P

Tiny forewarning - there is a lorra muck out on the roads … so the rain will either have washed it away or turned it into mud :stuck_out_tongue:

Rite guys i know i said usual time but i need to bring it forward to 0700 :w00t:

So 0700 at the roundabout if nobody wants to be there for then i may be able to push to 0730 but i got be finished by about 1230-1


Last week we started after 8 and were back 11:30 at the tea hut.

8 am ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy with that… wheres the tea hut?

High Beach tea hut.


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never bin any thing to do with MV’s it is a sacrilege, if you do you will be excommunicated :smiley:

Gianni, I’ll bring it with me if i can find it. But you have to carry it, the weight will slow me down!

So ASBO, are we going at 8?

7 or 8? I wanna go to bed ,but need to know when to set the alarm :slight_smile:

8 oclock guys…

Ive just got in and i gota leave here in less than 4 hours to make it there for 8 :w00t:

cheers… i was hoping you were going to say 8

Yea! You gonna be there Mista!:w00t: Its been a long time…

Where were ya’ m8?