BCR Sunday 7th June

Sorry it’s short notice.
Usual place at 08:15 to leave at 08:30.
So who’s up for it?

Cool, I’ll see you there :slight_smile:

I’m up for a Sunday BCR, see you under the advertising board!

Hi, if I’m not working Sunday :frowning: I’d love to join in, where is the meeting point ??

Balls. Bloody working. It’s gonna be sunny dry and fast too. Dammit. See you at the next one chaps.

Sorry to hear that Jarrod, until the next one.

City limits roundabout Collier row.

If I’m not too much in pain, probably :smiley:

I’ll be on the BCR’s northern cousin this weekend. Have fun guys!

I might meet up at the start then follow at a relaxed pace then see you at Finchingfield if that’s ok

I might be able to make it if that’s ok?
I live in Bedfont if anyone is heading to the meeting point from my way maybe we could hook up on way?

All welcome :slight_smile:

Off to Le Mans this Sunday for a weeks holiday, have a good one guys.

“Not I” said the crow

Have fun!

I’m out, doggie duties :smiley:

u lot riding SM’s?

Only one is.

Sry guys late notice, if I’m not there 8.15 , I will not be attending . Have a safe ride.

I will be there with two more sm riders, see you in the morning :slight_smile:

Gutted but I’ve got to give this one a miss, hopefully be able to do the next one.

Im gonna pop along too. Probably not going to do the full route as I need to pick my daughter up at 1 in Laindon