BCR Sunday 29th.

As it says.

Be square or be there, 08:00. :smiley:

8am cool with me mate see you there:)


doubt it, at led festival the night before

Your bike all finished Mad-dog? Would like to see that, though 8am Sunday, always a bit brutal.

yeh mate all sorted now:cool: was out last week but needed to do a few heat cycles and take it easy lol we see you pulling up at high beach last week as we was leaving. 8am is better so we can mis the mass of sport bikes that hold us supermotos up in the corners:D

I pootle to finchingfield and still beat you moto boys…but then I don’t have to stop 3 times for petrol :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought you just spent the day going roundyroundtheroundabout till you scratch you knee

Been there done that. :hehe: Now it is all about the twisties and the paying through the nose for tea. :cool:

Worked out Broady’s average speed the other day…10mph faster then mine. I clearly still have some work to do out there.

you thinking to much just pull the throttle more:D

Went out this morning, see how bad (muddy/wet) the roads are…one thing I did discover…summer is over, damn it was nippy out there. My summer gloves were just not up to the task of keeping my hands warm.

Got home and I got that winter tingle you get when your hands have been cold for awhile and you come into a place that is warm.

I’ll be there for 8:00.

You sure its only 10mph;)

I think he left a 0 out :w00t:

I’ll pop along till Hatfield at least…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m up for it and a mate of mine is coming along too. See you all at 8am

I’ll be there too. I’ll set 2 alarms.

are u sports or motard?


mu chuu

sports - will i be the only one?

If so, I’ll just wait for you guys at Finchingfield and get the cake in :wink: