BCR : Sunday 27 July

Anything planned for tomorrow?



was gona post up but yes fella i’ll be at the usuall meeting point:)i’ll get there at 8am & aim to leave at 8:30am:)


Leaving earlier (at 8am) was quite cool last week. Would anyone be up fpr that?

thats cool with me mate 8am:)

eeeeexxxxcccelent - I’ll be there for 8 then:cool:

I’m finally back on the road, would love to be along on this tmrw… just PM’d you Mad-Dog :wink: Need a hand getting to the roundabout :wink:

See you tomorrow then!



Its 10:39 and peeing with rain…this countries weather is unreal…

I’m in again:D see you there at 8:D:D:D

Have fun gang, we’d planned to pop to the coast today. The wife told me at sun-up this morn that we weren’t going cause of the weather (it was raining when I went to bed). I’m loafing about in bed at 9am with the kids at and the kids ask what time we’re leaving for the beach. The wife then tells me that we are going and looks at me like I’m losing my mind? If I’d have seen this thread when I was up at 3.30am 9Dont sleep well) I could have popped out on The BCR!:angry:

Turns out, that cause it was over-cast she thought we shouldn’t go. Its sunny now, we’re going, but she has neglected to inform me!:blink: I have pointed out the when the sun is just rising she should expect it to be dark and grey, hopefully this info will help her in the future?:hehe:

Silly mare!

stopped off at the roundabout this morning too see the boys:) few was down there awaiting the off, me and breaker had been out since 6.30;)

lovely morning, blast throught the lanes and surfing some roundabouts, and ratty got KD at the BCR roundabout:w00t:

Gents - thanks for a great first BCR … thoroughly enjoyable despite my little off-road excursion :Whistling: - hope to see you again soon!

Glad you had a good time folks - I was riding from Box today at the more civilized hour of 10.45!! I was informed today that it is impossible to get a ‘knee down’ on a Honda Hornet, you have to have a sports bike.

Anyone disprove this theory?

Who was keeping you awake this time? And was there sandpaper involved?

You know me m8!:wink:

That weren’t you in Southend-on-Sea was it Blade?

Job done!:wink:



Good to meet you Adam,pity about the little agricultural work but minimal damage thankfully.Little London claims another victim:w00t:

I blame that Sneaky fellow for not turning up and supervising:D

Yeah, string up the mofo!:crazy: Hey wait-a-minute!:unsure:?

i bet this news will get the non bcr members talking:D

hope ya allright fella & washed half of finchingfeid off your bike:w00t:

Sounds like you had a good one.
I must come down again soon. Getting more confident on the bike every week …

Hiya !!! yeh me an the ol man, out for ride and decided to go southend…cor how hot was today !! Did you see that lot from where ever they came from, park up next to us? Whole load of bikers just turned up, on a obvious ride out to southend…good number of bikers down there…im thinking of going back later when its cooler…:wink: