BCR Sunday 22nd

Who’s up for it?

Usual time & place :smooooth:

Not me, I’ll be recovering from Lydden Hill on Saturday :slight_smile:

Oh course as soon as the weather improvesI can’t make it. Someone coming round totake the Metro shell, unfortunately Sunday is the only day he can borrow atrailer.

I’ve not been out for a while, are you guys riding tomorrow?

I’ll wait & see if there’s any respose, I’ll decide during the evening.

Any update on this, I am up for making the effort

Well done you guys, it`s good to see the super retards making the effort to communicate.

Good luck on the dry roads and watch out for the fish…

I would love to join you Mr & Mrs Jetstream but I have to be back for father inlaw’s birthday lunch. So BCR could be purfect, if it’s on!!
Have a great day

Ain’t been on here in donkeys - came back on to find the dude to fix me ninja - LOVE the fact the BCR is still alive (mostly) and well !
Catch you mentals bstds on one soon :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s late guys but maybe another day.