BCR - Sunday 1st June

I’m riding 8.30am usual place. Any takers?:slight_smile:


errr, yep - I’ll be up for it:)

Alas, not me…:crying:

I like this!:w00t:

Have fun and be careful out there!:cool:

Hey how come you on the forum. You hardly ever sign in:)

Will you remember not to keep turning right all the time :w00t::hehe::hehe:

See U Sunday :slight_smile:

go on then john i’ll be there

you taking the xr?

Err, sadly not!:crying:

whats happened to it?

I’d be keen for a ride tmrw if you don’t mind a noob tagging along? Esp seeing as my plans for this afternoon look like they’re about to be rained off! :frowning:

welcome along mate

i’m in hackney if you dont know how to get there

sweet, I’m in hackney as well so that would be great! :wink:

Just let me know where and when to meet you…


IF its dry…cos ratty dont liek the rain!..i am NOT a water rat:D:D

Not for me either,daughters birthday,I’ll be in the trees in Thetford Forest at Go Ape having BIG!!! fun:D.Have fun y’all!!!

happy birthday to you daughter 2mora:)

ratty46 just be there it not going to rain:P:D

do you mind!:w00t: i;'m having my traditional pre-BCR whinge…:w00t::smiley:

Oh don’t forget the tyre problem :hehe::hehe::hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

Ratty, when I said about forward planning, that was not what I had in mind!:smiley:

dont worry we will not ride past any farms where there are chickens:D so we dont want any eggcuses on the lanes:hehe:

What time will you all be there? Might pop along for the crack :slight_smile: Not sure I can keep up with you guys on the run as such though.

Where and when?