BCR Sunday 1st August.

As it says.

Usual place leave at 08:00.

I was looking for this thread yesterday. Just a heads up, I went this route yesterday, just for fun, and there were some roadworks, but also some temporary traffic lights that I don’t remember seeing on Sunday past.

They may be gone by Sunday, but then again they might not.

Roadworks were just after passingford roundabout, as you come over the brow of a hill on a left hand bend, they are extended fully across the left hand lane so need to use the middle or right hand lane to pass them. There were signs before hand warning of the them so plenty of time to take precautions if you paying attention.

For the first set of traffic lights, you know the mini-roundabout that is off the sweeping left hand turn, it always catches me out a little bit cause the roundabout is right after the nice turn and I am always approaching it a little fast…the route turns off to the right. The first set is about three bends in on the right hand side of the road, it covers a tiny gap that you will be able to drive through if the road is clear , which you will be able to see. Also well sign posted with temp signs.

Then about 2 minutes down the same road, there are more traffic lights on the left hand side, which cover a slightly larger gap on a left hand bend which you may have to stop for if they are red, as you can’t see what is coming.

Just a heads up, but as I say they may be gone by Sunday.

see you sunday!

Not for me… already said id pop down to Box Hill and finaly meet up with Hels and some familiar faces…

I was planing on going back early to do some more skydiving but if there is enough interest to hit it up on the 8th i’ll stay for then

See you Sunday :slight_smile:

weather permitting of course, weather looks ok at the moment though

8am where please?

What time does this normally finish as Sunday is normally devoted to my girlfriend:D??

I would assume here:-


May be joining you guys for my first LB rideout STW if this is still on?

thats the place. If you finish after midday, I cant make it. If 1 minute before, I can!

I might ride out to Hatfield Heath with ya…

woke up too late this morning, hope it was a good-un

Great ride today :slight_smile:

11:30 already back to High Beach.

I was thinking of going to this one but in order to be at the meet point by 8am I’d have to get up at 6am… too early on a Sunday!

Maybe next time though, glad you all had a good ride, looks like a great day for riding! :slight_smile:

Well I was holding the banner for the Japanese amongst all those KTM retard chaps,rough bunch they are:hehe:.Good ride and for all the doom mongers out there,no upside down R1’S this week,no verge cutting and no need for for any first aid:D

Thats not in the spirit of the BCR :w00t:

Crikey, hardly seems worth going!:blush:

Sounds like I missed a good’un. I woke up at about 8.15am having been up half the night with a poorly kid. Thought I could brush my teeth and be there in 10-15mins, but was too knackered and the wife may not have appreciated it if my boy was still the same. I then re-awoke about 10.30!:smiley:

sounds like you had a good ride, we decided to go to te seaside, left about 10.30, had some rain and very grey sky’s, had fish & chips by the sea them come home, lovely day. :slight_smile:

Did he ride in slow motion again! :P:D

ha ha!.. no he didnt, but god it was windy on the motorway!.. :stuck_out_tongue: