BCR sunday 18th july?.........

any of you bellends fancy a ride out sunday morning?.. :wink:

im not around this sunday.

one time im going to turn up to 3 bcr’s in a row :w00t:

I’m up for it :wink:

So, You’ve Got a New Bike!?

I have sum tryes on the R1 that need smoothing off, so a gentle potter would be good. I’m not sure about getting some shore leave tho?:ermm:

I’ll be there you big helmet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we leaving the roundabout at 08:00?

i was thinking of getting to the roundabout at 8ish to leave at 8.30 :w00t:

I may sneak out a bit earlier if I have no shore leave:P

Think I’m up for this but would prefer 8… or earlier if poss…

Never done a BCR before. I have done a couple of ride outs with rixxy & jetstream though. Would like to join this Sunday if thats ok


What about if we meet a bit earlier and come back to the rounderabout for 8.25? Or just leave earlier and warm up Rita for when the others get there!:w00t:

Yeah baby,I’ll be there bright and alert:D

What time m8?

Well I was thinking of 8 hoping to leave as soon as:cool:

Its ok just to turn up,no worries!!!

you could do, we’ll meet you when you get back then leave at 8.30 :wink:

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Famous last words!:pinch:

I’ll be there. Last one :frowning:

i’ll be there, my first time, you lot be gentle with me!.. :wink:

is it going to be a white knuckle ride? :w00t: