BCR Sunday 15th May

No, this time the coolant seem to have stayed in the bike :wink:

Nice one guys, really enjoyed it!

And thanks for the directions back, I was at the tunnel in no time :slight_smile:

Cheers for a cool day on cool roads!

Really enjoyed it but i am not sure if my SMC did as well :w00t:.
On the way back the engine started to cut off for a bit and after i entered London it started again and i had to rev the nuts of it to keep it going :hehe:

You already know the answer to that :stuck_out_tongue:

avery one on they best behavier today:smooooth:, it is a bit odd:ermm:

A good blast, I really needed that. Cheers fellas :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry about that! Although, it was mainly that Broady that was behaving himself.

Good to see you matey!