BCR Sunday 13th

8.30am usual place.

Any takers?

I respectfully request no 125’s.

After an enforced absence of two weeks, I’ll come out with the sun.

I’m all biked out for the week. Closest I will come to the bike tomorrow is cleaning off all the muck it’s collected this week (and the previous 3 or 4 since I last cleaned it ;))
and fit some fork mods :w00t:

I will be out, but not doing F/Field tomorrow, one of the KTM,s has just had a complete engine re build (finished tonight 8pm), so its a slow plod around locally just in case…:ermm:

Oops, sorry:ermm:
Got up too late - didnt think id need the alarm. Now I’m paying for it with my other half doing a spring clean instead. By now i could be on the green in finchingfield. sigh.

We had a fun day. My sister is house sitting for her m8 so we’ve been over there playing in the 7acres (with the kids), feeding their fish and playing in the indoor pool:D

For you gal’s/guys that made the BCR, whats the poop, good day?