BCR Sunday 11th.

It’s been far too long, so who’s up for it.

Usual place & time, go on you know you want to. :smiley:

:angry: no bike to play with

We may be heading to Southend on little lanes by popular request from DRB, as there’s not been much response here.

Might be on the Jetstream ride? … but you never know!

ok ill come if you dont mind me tagging along

pm me a meet place and time

Tempted Moto - last run before the CCM goes :frowning:
Are these different little lanes than the usual ones?

I reckon I’ll only have time for a FF breakfast before I have to head back home - so if it’s Southend you’re off to I’ll leave y’all to it (unless you’re going via Finchingfield that is :wink: )

Busy with other stuff this weekend, which is why the weather is looking good. Once I have a free weekend to get out on the bike it will be certain to rain. :crying:

Right it’s going to be 08:30 leaving the roundabout for Finchingfield, & this will not change now as I’ve just set it in stone.

See you guys tomorrow. :slight_smile:

will not be on this one, i know what moto’s ‘little lanes’ are like:D

tho i will nbe out on the BCR again soon, its been FAR too long:D

but i will be about so may see you guys out, or later on at HB?

have a good one y’all!:slight_smile:

yes, i am up for it too

Top up yer coolant!

what is BCR? :confused:

yep yep yep

If we told you - we’d have to kill you.

I can tell you what it isn’t though


Have a good one lads

That means most of us can’t go! :ermm::smiley:

Boy’s Can’t Ride for toffee, all girls welcome. Bring yer own chocolate tho.

Good run again today Moto (+ a bit of traffic). Thanks everyone :cool:

Good to see you again, & yes that blew the cobwebs out. I really needed that.

As You all probably gathered, I’m very pleased & impressed by my new toy. :slight_smile:

See you all again soon.

I’m not going to mention anyone’s bike on it’s side, or anyone’s bike breaking down or anyone getting pulled up by Mr plod.


Oh & I forgot to say my bike isn’t that loud, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

so what does bcr stand for ?