BCR Sun 12th Dec?

Get yer retard bums on the “Lion in Winter” rideout to meet up with Asbo for a few “lanes”.:smiley:

Im the token tard, cant be having anymore join us :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway they are all too scared of the distance :w00t:

Who’s gona prove me wrong? :cool:

Step up you 'tards and prove him wrong:w00t:

There aint anybody whos gona prove me wrong, they are all weak :stuck_out_tongue:

What time you getting to the ace Asbo? Might pop by to say hello :slight_smile:

Im not, they are meeting me at Jacks Cafe…

Rite time to go out on the razz, laters all

No probs mate catch up another time :slight_smile: I’m out in morning for a bit of stuntin then to see sipermotos new bike :hehe:

Shame M-D, you could have come with us - leaving the Ace at 9.30, meeting ASBO here:


between 10.30 and 11.00. If you had had enough by then you could always head back, but we’re off for a few country lanes then lunch.

Darren, text me with the meeting details please :slight_smile:

Mmm, I missed this thread! I’d have been too weak to have joined you anyway!