BCR Rideout Sunday 21/2/16

I “Should” have the KTM back on the road next weekend so was going to see if anyone fancied a BCR on the following weekend? I want to run the bike in and iron out any little issues before taking it out for a proper run so the 21st seems like the best date to aim for in case i have any issues to put right, don’t want to run into trouble mid way through a BCR!!

Possibly, but cannot confirm until nearer the day.


But will you actually be attending your own rideout this time Sam? We all know what you’re like!

lol. This time i will definitely maybe going :slight_smile:


What’s a BCR? Is this some kind of weird sexual activity?

Its the breakfast club run or Aka be careful Robert

Its a lively run to Finchingfield from collier row, Romford. mainly for the SM boys but I’ve done it on super bikes.


Just a taste of the BCR


Bloody hell mate, how are you?? Hows the beast??

Count me in!

I love the tracks you put on the videos you do, you always choose the perfect music

I’m going to start taking bets on you pulling out of this before it happens. :smiley:

Only thing that will stop me going is a bike problem, other than that im 100% doing it


Sam never pulls out ask his boyfriend


Hi Sam, I’m looking forward to some BCRs, the beast is still asleep this winter!


Just had a message that the engine is all done, just waiting for the engine cases to come back from the Powder Coaters and it will be back with me, so all going well i should have the engine back and fitted into the bike this weekend this BCR will definately be on :slight_smile: