BCR Loop "Freedom of speech"

No, I get it totally, that’s why it was a bit quick for me this time round. I could’ve kept up with the pace but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nor would I have been riding safely as I didn’t know the roads. The advice you gave me on my first BCR was up there with the best biking advice I’ve ever been given and it has made me change how I ride completely, I now don’t worry about how far in front anyone is nor do I worry who is behind me (they can always go past) I now ride for myself and always just below what I feel is my ability. And since doing this I’ve enjoyed my rides so much more, it’s not worth pushing my ability and pretending I’m a better rider than I actually am, I don’t want to become a statistic just cos I’m too proud to let anyone think I can ride as well as they can on roads I don’t know well as they do if I know that I can’t and I don’t :slight_smile:

My comment was actually a little doff of my hat to how well the other guys were riding, a few more BCR’s and loops under my belt and I’m sure I’ll be more confident to push it a bit more, but…if I don’t then I don’t really care as I’d rather ride the road a bit slower and more safer and get back to bosworths in one piece than try and be a hero and smash myself and my bike to bits lol.

My apologies, I thought that, well you know what I thought! :smiley:

:smiley: no offence taken. Lol.

It’s the new paintwork :smiley: that’s the real reason:D

Lol, I did throw that excuse out there once or twice :slight_smile:

Didn’t want to drop it and ruin it :Whistling:

So you left the Gixxer and Duke behind then.