BCR Loop "Freedom of speech"


Watch in 1080HD on settings please, and comments welcome

nice one :smiley:

love the tune

Nice! Good choice of track, interesting camera angle and very engaging reflection of the ride.
Good job!

Thanks , I will do another vid of the morning ride from the tea hut tomorrow :wink:

Lookin good :slight_smile:

Moto where did you get your sat nav case ? I have the same one but need a case for the bike.

Awesome video. Starts off really boring, I was about to turn off and then you left the village and I was hooked. Gotta do this route some time!


It’s not everyone’s taste and “Be careful Robert” !

Great vid! :w00t:

Nice Vid, Great Track again.

Too quick for me to keep up this time :crazy:

Awesome! you’ve got this vid thing down James. They look great.

nice vid and interesting cam placement…

I got it from Amazon. But it says the holder will fit handlebars from 19mm to 35mm but it won’t go round my fatbars so I adapted the fitting.

You BCRing it on Sunday?

Sorry, this item is not available in Image not available

Rupse 5" Waterproof 360 Bike Motorcycle Motorbike Case Bag W/Mount Holder For GPS Sat Nav Devices

I won’t be making this one, I need a weekend at home :wink:

And thank you all for the great comments!!

Great vid :cool:

Wow, what a vid! :w00t:

Personally I have never been a fan of videos on the ride, in the early days riders where bunching up to be on camera. Your gives a great reflection of the quality of the riding and the roads. Brilliant!

You’re still missing the point mate. Its about you and the road and that’s it!

Cheers Sneaky, I am careful what I chose to put up on video out of respect of others. I get totally what you mean about you and the road, that’s why I called this one “freedom of speech” , I felt like seeing what this section of road could give me :smiley: . And the answer was great!!

You have clearly got a lot more comfy on those roads, I bet your progression has increased along with that familiarity. :smiley:

With regard your video expertise. I think we need to get Mr Silky (Broady), Rusty99 or T,C to make a video showing the Advanced Techniques they’re using. They know stuff thats like seeing into the future, its actually controlling time. Not time its self, but time management that creates more time for the rider/driver.

The cambridge Police video was brilliant but unless you have their training you have no idea why they do what they’re doing or even that its going on at all, so its a waste on most of us!