BCR- is it on?

Very tempted to head over with Pouty in the morning but only if it’s still going ahead. Seeing as it’s about 70 miles for the pair of us just to get to the meet place, provided we can find it :stuck_out_tongue: it would be nice to know we’re not going to be alone on a random roundabout :smiley:

Ooh, if the BIG GUNS are out, I’ll ask the wife if I’m allowed out to play? I have a shed loada stuff to do tho…:ermm:

The forecast for the morning is pants I think:w00t:

Weather is a bit hit and miss I see. I will keep an eye out later on this thread.

PJ - Pm sent.

I’m game weather permitting.:smiley:

if my bike was on road i would be game too…******!

If it’s not raining heavily I’m in with few others.

PJ, if you guys wanna do a pitstop at mine before the start lemme know (pm sent).

Oh, I’m in if you guys are coming?


Ok so long as it’s not sheeting down I will be meeting Pouty at Clacket at 7am:w00t: then heading off to Sneaky’s for just before 8am.

Fingers crossed the weather isn’t too damp. See you all in the morning.

I will be there 8:15 for 8:30 take off :slight_smile:

Let me know if its any different time please.

Weather permitting, I’m there.co.ck in hand.

8am for 8.15 would better suit me. Lets see what time PJ arrives if he’s coming? He’s called the ride on(ish?) :smiley:

Sounds good, will check thread in the morning.

Weather permitting I will hopefully be there. I’ve been getting bcr withdrawal symptoms!

Roads are dry in the south-west…

Oh yeah! Release the demons!


Roads are dry in the south-west…:w00t:

The web did say rain at 7am over here!:stuck_out_tongue:

Releasing the Demons on The BCR?:pinch: I’ll text Brian (The BCR Mop) to warm his van up then…:ermm:


PJ, thank you for calling on todays ride. Must enjoyable!:w00t: Shame the sun came out and levelled the playing field somewhat!:stuck_out_tongue:

Glad those hard-case SM riders swelled our ranks in the rain!:blink:

Thanks to all today had a great ride, and Especially to sneaky for leading us… Have to repay the favour on a sparrows fart some day …

just got in, hammered down on the m25 I’m soaked through, lost pj in the mist it was that bad!

Yeah, it was horrendous…It back 20 minutes ago and I smell of ****/sweat/badger.

Good to meet peeps. A Long day, fecking weather but all good…I did lots of wheelies after the rain so I’m happy.

Next BCR meet, will record it on the go pro HD, cant wait to try that bad boy out.