BCR Is it on this Sunday 21st Nov?

Is it on?

I hope it is :stuck_out_tongue:

hello fellow Adz… i would not recommend riding with these deranged supermoto types there all mental and you may end up looking like this…

you will end up riding across this…

doing this…

dam it i miss my moto…

Agreed, you can tell that they’re all wrong’uns…they’re all on orange bikes!

I say, 2 of you, 1 of me, that makes it Pimms o’clock!:w00t:

Done, I think you just calleed on The BCR!:cool:

Christmas time is bargain time :wink:

What time at the roundabout ?

im saving and looking mate … got a grand so far…

I dunno, you mutha phuckers called it on!:stuck_out_tongue: If there’s only a few, and we’re regulars, I’d say be there 8.15, gone by 8.25!

The earlier the better for me. I need to be home for midday!:wink:

OK , see you in the morning :slight_smile:

You can get a couple of Riots for that, I’m sure!

Oh I see,hiding this on the super retards page hoping to keep it “exclusive”:w00t: Well I dont care as the Ninja has been kaput for a fortnight now after reg/rec went tits up:angry:

Ah no! Sorry buddy, I had no idea. The R1 needs a workout!:w00t:

Oi, mind your self mista! You’d get a lot more than two, surely?

ohhh did it fry your electrics and battery? If not your lucky, as it happened to me in Switzerland on the old blade and cost £1000 quid!!!

Not as far as I know,just waiting for new part to come!! Fingers crossed:cool:

bcr - cbr - christmas - bcr cbr christmas - no :smiley:

Well, where were’ya?:hehe:

no excuse :crying:sorry.

Well, you missed a good’un BDA. We had it all, wet roads, greasy roads, mud grimed roads and even some dry ones!:w00t:

Yep, t’was indeed a goodun, had a great time. Lots of slippin and sliding but no mishaps thankfully.

Educational too - roadcraft lectures and everything :hehe: