BCR is calling for riders at 8,15 new time

no excuses for late arrivals.

sorry, can’t make it this Sunday.

I was gonna run out with The BCR as far as Leden Roding and then play on the twisties on the way back. Sipermoto still aint got his CR running properly so prolly wont be out. Allanj cant make it. I’m trying to get Mad-Dog out…

ok see you in the morning:)

9.00 am the Ace for the alternative extreme BCR, like yea, its bigger, better, faster, longer, has twice the kudos and three times the excitement, four times the petrol and ten times the riders. Whats more it`s lead by an Amigo with knowledge of the roads and a dark, dark soul.

I did ask the boss about this one. then I realised that my 10yr old was back today from her holiday with the school. It was a close run thing, but believe it or not, I’d rather spend the day with her!:wink:


Bit of a noob question, but what is the BCR? where does it start? and where does it end?

collier row roundabout to finchingfield for breakfast

Breakfast Club Run(BCR)

Its the 8th wonder of the world