BCR (Breakfast Club Run) Sunday 13th

The BCR is on tomo. 8.30am City Limits roundabout, Collier Row, RM5.



Hey, I dont wanna hear none-o-that its wet mallarky!:smiley:

ratty would never use that excuse…

And wota 'bout you FF, you up for a Lil’BCR?:slight_smile:

If i could ride then yeh
but seen as i dont have a license yet then nope:P

I can see that could be an issue! A pillion ride next time may be? I promise not to bring The Riot tho!:smiley:

OK OK time for my BCR debut :D:D:D
Will meet Ratty en route, or if there’s a light shower will make my own way down to Colliers Row :wink:

Can’t wait :w00t:

ok if its a lil wet i still go, but if its heaving down i wont!:w00t:

meet mark on route, see you in teh AM!

We will have to get FF,RC and zeph down at some point for the BCR!!!:smiley:

Would like to go for a ride out tomorrow if thats ok .

I’ll be coming from Enfield anyone going from my way ?

Thats wot the BCR is all about. Of course its more than ok! Luv to see new blood…bad choice of words? I have 2 new tyres on the Ducati, so I hope we dont see some old BCR blood!:smiley:

see ya 2moro :smiley: although may have to dissapear a bit early due to having work :frowning:


Sorted - Meeting Ratty then heading down there (weather permitting Ratty :P)

is that near the smallest mc’ds i’ve ever seen in my life???

It sure’nuff is!:smiley: If you coming along the A12, about a mile from The Gants Hill Roundabout towards Romford, the houses either side of the Dual Carriage Way will stop. Turn left at the 2nd set of lights after the houses have stopped. The Moby Dick is on the R/H side at the junction you turn left. The first roundabout is the City Limits.:wink:

gonna take the scenic route through epping and come in from gravel lane :smiley:

You are obviously a smart fella! Why would you wanna chuck yourself out of a plane?:blink:


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Do you meet on the parking here ?

I will join you.

  1. enjoy the rush

  2. its for charity