BCR (Apr 5th)

A bit of advanced warning, I need to fit in some BCR whilst my bike is still working!:blush: I’m thinking about Sunday 5th, not 100% yet though.

Beast wants to meet Riot:D

Hope Beast has had its jabs! :blush:

Hahaha! This thing demands respect, it’s not very forgiving and the bike is defiantly the boss… For now :frowning:

Can not wait to do proper BCR. Not sure I can do Sunday. Should be free on Monday.

In if the weather holds :smiley:

Woot woot! can’t wait.

I will dust the bike down tomorrow ready the 5th. sneaky should i leave the cobwebs and snails attached to the bike or will that upset the plop?

The Beast is likely to catch summit nasty…very nasty so do park too close! :smiley:

Ah, in fact I think the last time I was actually nicked…on the bike, Plod PG9’d the bike, I think that was around April time. A PG9 removes the M.o.T meaning having to get a new test. This could mean a new M.o.T could be due now?:exclamation:

Weather? Rain or shine matey!

Sh1t runs out on the 6! Its Bank Holiday next weekend, thankfully Tony at Motect in Hainault said if I can get there today, by hook or crook…:cool:

M.o.T sorted, thank you again Tony!:cool:


It will take me the whole summer to tame the beast, I could throw the Z all over without a worry. Not the case with beast.:blush:

Ah… this is the bit where James lulls us into a false sense of security then after the first mile of the first BCR wheelie’s past all of us and disappears into the horizon :slight_smile: we’re onto you James.

Hmmmmmmmmm, BCR… thats almost a local rideout…

See you there then DB! :slight_smile:

Ah Jarrod, but when I look in my rear view mirrors there is always 1 bike I cant shake off :slight_smile:

Don’t mind if I do :slight_smile:

Need to remember how to ride it, only ridden it once since last October.

Thats the least of your worries Moto, does anyone remember the the fackin route! :smiley:

Yeah course I do :smiley: