BCR Anyone?

Just wondering if anyone else will be at the roundabout tomorrow?

Are you deffo gonna be there? If so what time? I might do the first few miles wi’ya if I wake up on time?

I could be their for 8.30!

Couldn’t post back at all because forum was down, and then my browser had issues- didn’t think to change it.
I waited til 8.30 and was the only one!
Saw Broady at Finchingfield- so I wasn’t a total loner.

And very nice it was too.Not as many bikes out today as I thought there would be.Met Mel and Lewis R6 at High Beech:D as well.Good day so far,what could go wrong!!!

Sorry girl. I woke up at 8 and thought I’d miss ya. TBH I was so tired I didnt get outa bed. I woke up at 10.15…

Sorry. I went out for a ride else where as there was know replies!!