BCR 6 Nov. any mad ones out tomorrow?

is any one out still riding the BCR, or are you all in the bushes?

I’ll be out mate!:cool: Need to test The Riot…

I may be at FF at some point in the morning, but won’t be doing the BCR…

And why not?:crying:

Because you guys are just too quick for me and I’m still getting back used to the bike after a year.

Good enough excuse Mr S?

I’m out for a couple of hours but not on BCR and what’s FF ?:slight_smile:

just watching #58 tribute on motogp first

FF means Finchingfield, the BCR destination :slight_smile:

Nice run out today. Had loads of fun, thanks for letting me tag along. Love the new route, nicer twisties :P:D

Hope to see you more often! Was good fun :cool: New route? That is the route!:stuck_out_tongue:

Is was different to last year…

I’ll remember to put on some Allure just for you…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ah cheers never heard of it will have a butchers later when I turn back from blue ! Nice day but flipping cold - looked out my heated gloves when I got back !

Ah, we went out the return route because of the pace of the 125cc riders!

You do so at your own risk darlin!:wink:


I saw this bloke today dressed in red and white leathers coming around a bend with his elbows out and the bike loud enough to ensure no wildlife ran on to the roads?

Any ideas who it may have been?


Suzuki Angel?

But the last time I looked, she certainly didnt look like a bloke!:pinch: Every time we came to a meaningful corner she was waving her leg in the air!

What you laughing at mista!:angry:


Haha… Last time I checked I’m certainly not a guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching intently from behind hey Sneaky, pulling those moves??? LOL!!

Was he on your side of the road,because I came across exactly the same just North of Fyfield earlier in the season. Bloody road hog:kiss:

haha sneaks

Broady, in all that Roadcraft training that you’ve had, did they not teach you that whichever side of the road (read as pavements, fields and train platforms - including the Underground!) that I’m on is my side of the road…blinkin’ell!:satisfied:


ScottyUK, where you in one of the big bunch of bikes we saw?