BCR 3rd march

Post in here first to see if it should be a supermoto rideout but don’t mind if those plastic rocket things come along :smiley:
8:15am start off at the usual place sound good to me

Elitist :stuck_out_tongue:

So you coming along on the tractor :smiley: don’t mind any bikes but but be good to get a few tards together like the old days

shoulder is not going to be up to scratch by then :frowning:

just too lazy to wake up early :smiley:
sneaky mcC did the bcr with a broken leg… come to think about it, most of the bcr’s have had broken bones involved & 1 dead duck :smiley:

Yes but I’m soft… :stuck_out_tongue:

say it isnt so :w00t:

the bcr lives! :smiley:


I am in :wink:

Did some BCR preparation training this weekend :smiley:

well, firstly Mr Mad Dog, did you turn up for the last bcr that you called on? :slight_smile:

Might try and get my thing working for this :smiley:

This is the current status:

All thats missing is some rust!:smiley:

eeeeeeer yup i did, was me drb kaos checkychick and you…or was it was afro, you all look alike :smiley:

Depending on weather I may well be in for this one too.

Have not ridden the Gixer since that day I think, and that feels like so long ago :frowning:

Have to go through the normal checks on the Gixer just to be sure it is ok to ride, but given that it has just sat in a garage for months it should be fine.

Maybe up for this, is this Mark’s Gate 8.15 !

Great to see lots of rideouts being organised.

i won’t be able to make this one :frowning:
i got a drifting school thing at brands that day :smiley:
next one …
md, did that mc fit?

Plenty of that will come in time no doubt :smiley:

I’m out! I was hoping to get sorted, but I cant find the speedo for The Riot, plus I cant afford the petrol!:blush:

Speedo for the riot, thats too funny:laugh: what next new stickers:Whistling: