bcr 17th

The bcr is on tomo. 8.30am City Limits roundabout, Collier Row, RM5.:slight_smile:


I’ll be there :slight_smile:

me, me, me :smiley:

Have a coffee and we`ll buzz through Finchingfield shortly after 11.15 en route for immorality! Got to make my name somehow:D

I was so up 4 this, just didn’t get up intime. First time ever, my pooch didn’t wake me at 6am!

Not a great turnout, but what a day for it :cool:

Thanks guys, I had really good fun. Hadn’t been on those lanes for over a year and completely forgotten what they were like.
Glad it felt a bit easier than last time :hehe:

Great way to say goodbye to the little XT :crying:



that ride totally sliped past me

I only had time for a quickie, but fanx for allowing me to tag along until Takeley. I felt really rough on the way back? I thought I was gonna yak up a few times. Then my concentration went and I cannot steer the bike? Especially right handers!!!:blink: Still, I have changed the oil in That Bike so back to riding that…hopefully!:w00t:

cheers lads for today:cool: enjoyed the lanes & cheers for breakfast dreisie:kiss: