BCR 11/08/2013

Anyone fancy BCR on Sunday?

I will be at the usual meeting spot at about 8am if anyone fancies it, if not will ride it myself.

Might pop along depending on weather and see who else turns up. You still got the gsxr?

Yeah I have, with my name on the side so pretty unmissable.

I PM’d motodrb, as they are doing an early Sunday morning run, through Hertfordshire, Sneaky has a thread so will see if he gets back to me.



You should come Broady last time we went I actually missed out on all the good roads…and my bike is running properly now :smiley:

I might pop along and see what all the fuss is about :wink:

I think there is a one copper per ride out limit :smiley:

j/k of course, more the merrier :smiley:

Cool, fingers crossed that I’ll get a chance to catch you guys up then.

What the heck BCR means?




there you go Robert.

One is confirmed, two is beyond reasonable doubt :smiley:

Just to confirm, where exactly will you be at 8am.

I will be at the usual roundabout at 8am. I will hang around for about 15 minutes, see if anyone turns up, then off to Finchingfield.

Steve, never been on one of these, out with friends tonight so maybe a no show, as I need to get back to the bike etc in the morning by 7ish… Can you PM the meeting point to me?

This is like pulling teeth, which roundabout !


Marks Gate Roundabout.

If you look for the “Moby Dick” restaurant and pub on the A12 that will centre your map in the right place.

As you are heading up to the A12 out of London, the left turn at the Moby Dick, off the A12 away from the Moby Dick, is the one you need. You go down past the McDonalds, which is on the right, and the traffic lights (2 sets I think from the turning) and the first roundabout is where we meet, you will see the bikes parked up on the right-hand side. I will probably be there before 8 as I am terrible at judging how long it takes me to get anywhere so always leave far earlier than necessary.

If you using Sat Nav, RM5 2BH is a post code for a place on the Roundabout.

Cheers, will aim to be there before 8 but don’t wait for me.

CU @ 8


I met a friend the other day, works in a bike shop, and he knows I ride to Finchingfield quite a bit, and he said to me upon my arrival at the shop.

“Hey, we went to Finchingfield the other day.”

My reply?

“Who crashed?”

True story :smiley:

This is very common on this run, far too common.

So do ride at your own pace. Enjoy the roads and don’t worry about keeping up with those in front, they have 20 years riding these roads under their belts. We will sort a system based on numbers, probably just wait for you at the turns, as there are only a few.

if i can get up…

put ya sliders on Kaos:D

Cool, try and get back in time, out with friends so may not happen :smiley: