BBS Monk

Hiya mate, do keep up your humorous postings we love reading them and have kept me chuckleing for hours:D

I doubt he’d even see this thread mate. It’s not in the Current Affairs section, and doesn’t have anything to do with No To Bike Parking Fee’s! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for being humorous, I can think of much funnier things than generally winding up the people on here with his rambling accusations and stupid comments! :satisfied:

Although, I may be biased on this topic, as I think he’s a complete berk! :wink:

think tiggi will be along to stick up for him soon:D

Don’t forget that his mate PJ is a mod too:D

I can’t help but think he is one of the very few members on this forum that actually ‘has a pair’. :unsure:

What between his ears:D


I certainly don’t agree with everything the fella says, but I do think he gets a bit of a raw deal on here sometimes… there does tend to be a bit of ganging up occasionally. :ermm:

I think the whole parking thing has got too personal (understatement :stuck_out_tongue: )

BBS is not a bad guy - why don’t we just agree to put the parking issue on the back burner and get back to discussing the normal stuff. . . :wink:

yeah hes awright… i think some of the posts are just done to wind some of us up…
and the humour (?) is lost in translation

I agree, we should park it!

Unfortunately, he says what he thinks, and what he thinks is often utter madness :slight_smile:

Totally agree with the lost in translation thing.

It would be nice to actually meet the chap in person and not on an organised carpark ride in central london… maybe he might actually pop along to the Ace or BM (maybe even Oakdene ;)) so we can get an angle on his humour:P

has “a pair” of what? If he did have “a pair”, he’d come along to the occasional meet instead of hiding behind his keyboard. you don’t need to have “a pair” to wind up people on a forum by talking a load if controversial bull when you have no intention of meeting those people face to face. :wink:

i hadnt intended to light the blue touch paper and retire to watch the baiting…perhaps some gentle joshing but regardless of my own opinion of B/SMonk “lets be careful out there people.”

Banter:) Bullying:doze: and before you jump down my throat yes we all have the right to share a piece of our minds on here even if we have precious little of it spare…

rumour has it the Chenster has a biiger “pair” than Pj :smiley:

Thats why Pj’s always chasing him :P:P:D

:smiley: I think you’ll find it’s the other way round you silly old fart;) Poor ol’ Chen has to try and keep up with me, then we both sit and wait half an hour for you to catch up:P

Think you find I get fed up drinking coffee while waiting 4 u pair of tarts 2 fill up yet again !!

You back from Hols? :smiley: