BBQ Time?!

Wasssuuuuuupp you awesome bunch!

So my cast is coming off tomorow and that means im ready to plan a bbq as the “thanks” for the shiity, boring lift to prom :smiley: :*

But there is a slight issue! It cant be done at mine! Theres been a few issues with my.neighbours and a biker party might not help :confused:

So please any suggestions as to where we can all chill for a bit and have a bit of food.
For dates. Would 11th or 12th July be ok?
So fire up your suggestions and vote for the dates

31st November?


That could work.


I recomend the Kervan Sofrasi (Turkish restaurant), 80 Church Street, Edmonton N9 9PB, which is only a two minute walk away from The Lamb pub, 52-54 Church Street, Edmonton N9 9PA, where you could meet for drinks beforehand.

I go to the Kervan a lot. It’s a bit of a meat feast factory, and all freshly cooked in the open viewing kitchen. You can download the menu from their website and you’ll notice there are two branches in Edmonton, just make sure you go to the one in Church Street, as it is much larger, and the customer service is far better.

Edmonton Green has a major bus terminus, a train station, which should make travel by public transport easy. There are no parking restrictions on the surrounding roads.

Sounds like a good idea but then we would have to bring this over to August so i could save up a few hundred to pay the bill

Where abouts in London are you? Some of the parks allow BBQs… And would be nice and easy for everyone to get to. If you’re near East London - London Fields definitely allows BBQs :slight_smile:

Im in Hainault. Apparentley its EastLondon :smiley:


12 I’m doing some “marshall” duties but 11 sounds good for me.


I’m not around until end of July.
Will Max.Cagiva and YLrnBikerLDN be joining us?

Max might be joining us. He still cant make his mind up whether to go motocross or not. Who is YlrnBikerLDN? :smiley: