BBQ Sunday - My house!

Ok, time for another world famous Goose BBQ, make sure you all come down, and Angel has said its a bring a bottle affair, maybe cos shes an alcoholic…

Start time is 3pm, those who want to help out or choose their piece of chicken early, please come at 2pm.

Anyway, I live in Chatham, Kent, PM me for full address.

Its, just off the A2 before it turns into the M2, I can meet people somewhere if needs be.

Hopefully some of us can sneak off for a blast to the coast, or to the Isle of Grain which is not too far away!

oh crap! My bike is getting serviced this sunday - I’ll see if it can be done early

Will not be on the bike this weekend due to Hospital visit in a couple of days.

Aw Goose! I’d love to go - but in the New Forest.

Maybe another weekend… hope to see you at the Swan one weekend for MotoGP as well

Are we talking Jerk Chicken n Ting

and ting and ting?

Chicken, rice n peas

Goose is there parking for our bikes?

Shame no curry goat,rice n peas !!! yummy !!! chicken rice n peas will do tho !!! ( and ting )…

See now you want a bit of Ting

Whats good for the Goose …

Sounds like a poss. as blade said m8, parking?

Any1 else going?

Thanks for the invite, but will be in new Forest for the long weekend.

have a good one.

lol i woke up late GP, I was still going to come, but found out on Sunday morning my friend died on his bike Sat night, next time!

damn right, you best be coming, lol

no excuses, im expecting to see you too

can squeeze a few in my bike garden, but theres normally loads of space out the front, and its a quiet road, more or less

except when you start up your bike,

you sure you didnt cause the earthquake near dover a few months ago when you were reving your bike

I’ll be there fella, and me BiAtch just said he’s coming cause he’ll have a loan bike by then. you don’t think i’m gona miss the chance of your cooking after you telling me what an excellent chief you are :wink: giss a shout if you want me to do the coleslaw. :slight_smile:

terry dont need aparking space, his got a honda