BBQ Sunday - my house!

Ok, time for another world famous Goose BBQ, make sure you all come down, and Angel has said its a bring a bottle affair, maybe cos shes an alcoholic…

Start time is 3pm, those who want to help out or choose their piece of chicken early, please come at 2pm.

Anyway, I live in Chatham, Kent, PM me for full address.

Its, just off the A2 before it turns into the M2, I can meet people somewhere if needs be.

Hopefully some of us can sneak off for a blast to the coast, or to the Isle of Grain which is not too far away!

I thought it was only me from medway! good to hear you are too moose

Not sure if i can make a BBQ but would be great to meet for a blast sometime. i’ve been on a couple of rides so far but its always a long commute to the start point!! be good to have a partner. cheers

I too am from Chatham.

Unfortunately I cannot make Sunday but will meet up for a blast some other time.

Thansk for the emails thus far.

me and terry the bitch are comeing

Yes but are you going to the bbq?



ok change of plan, its meant to be torrential rain on sunday!

I am gonna post postpone this, probably to the weekend after, I will confirm a new dat shortly, sory guys and gals!