BBM Tonight !!

Was a great night…very eventful too.Will have to get some more “bling” ready on the bike, led’s I think to compliment “greenhornet” flashing away!

Hope I didn’t confuse too many of you by going from scruffy biker to suited and booted. Was great to put some names to faces.

Also…went exploring a little…amazing what you can discover…

Always thought the Cutty Sark was bigger…lol…

Quite a nice pub next to that too…looking out on river…plenty of good sturdy biker-proof benches too!!

Also apologies for the little bit of noise I made…DID manage to get my bike tested for DB’s though…and yes…it’s too loud (like it’s owner!) Though I don’t think I attracted too much attention?

and just to make it a truly memorable evening, as usual being a straggler (once I make the trip up to London…always end up staying out late…just find it fascinating…with a real undefined appeal!) I returned to my bike…to find my lid and gloves gone (famous last words as I left the bike had been “they’ll be fine there…I’m a trusting type”)


BIG thanks to Trojan…for bringing me out a spare loan lid…however turns out it was not needed…

as the Fork-Lift-Truck Driver suddenly commented that he’d seen a crash helmet dumped by a yellow skip down the road (had already checked most of the bins in the local vicinity…many rats…no lids!)

Well after a few enquiries…and then a lot of searching…I find my lid…in the Markets yard…neatly tucked down next to their BIG Yellow compactor…no new scratches, gloves still neatly tucked inside.

You go figure…, but all I’ll offer as advice is…make sure someone is watching your kit if ur a straggler like me! you never know who’ll move it for you, and then wait to see if a fuss is made!

Wonder if the area is camera’d to catch and dodgy behaviour going on?

Just a little too coincidental for my liking…especially as when I asked if it was a black lid the FL Truck driver said “dunno mate…it’s pretty dark” this in a floodlit yard!?

So…all in all was a great meet up…and Karma prevailed…

Ok, I’ve read that twice and I’m not sure I understand what happened…

Someone pinched your lid and placed it somewhere else?! In BM? Yikes!


All I know for certain is…my lid went missing.

The BM fork lift truck driver pointed me in the direction of a skip / compactor…where I found my lid.

now…the worrying “co-incidences”

Lid was unscathed, neatly tucked away, in a yard, and right next to the Fork lift parking area.

99% sure the FL truck driver, or a colleague will have lifted it…and have been storing it to see if anything happened.

When I was still hanging about a LOT later…he approached me.

Hey Mate…That Lid Bizznizz…

I very much hope that it doesnt ring true that The Borough Staff took the piss.

I would have put that down to some of those Poncy Pen Pushers that seem to be Three Pint Commando,s outside the The Market Porter.

Ive been watching a few of “em” and they do seem get a bit Lairy and Brave around the Bikes and Kit ! and for those of you that park up at the end of the street =

Our presence there has got around to the Local Scum by the looks of it, There was three of “em” making out to look around the Bikes, One holding his phone as if to take pictures but more interested in the Bikes with Tank Bags and TopBoxes !!

I glad all worked out for you in the end Green.

Tobi and Macp…stop quoting whats on ya own Bathroom Shelves you pair of Scruffs !!

Im an Old Spice Man on a Night Out ! Denim for Work Days !!

Thanks for the heads up mate

and as for my bathroom shelf never mind - I’m to young for those ‘classics’ but you told me the Old Spice was when the Barro was on a hot date and taking his lady for a ‘…proper Steak Meal up town…!’ But at all other times its Blue Stratos and it never fails to impress…!!!

Crumbs GH! (See? Forgotten your name already, sorry :blush Better start locking lids down and carrying tankbags/backpacks around eh folks?


“Proper Steak Meal”

I know you so well…