BBM Tonight !!

I dont know if anyone else noticed it…

Everyone seemed to be a really happy frame of mind tonight !!!..all smiles and hello,s…and allsorts.

Cheered me right up even though I could only stay an hour !!

Feel Good Factor…Quality !!

Dont know, couldnt get there

I couldn’t get there either, but really glad you had a good time Barro!
Tell us, did Stephan wash all the bikes? Did he have an amazing trip back?


I was only there for an hour and a half, but had a great time. Especially good to meet Stefan, rescued from Norway. I’m reminded that although great credit must go to all LBers who helped financially and otherwise, it took a good deal of determination to ‘follow-through’ from Stefan to get on, and stay on, the road. Well done that man!

I’m reminded of POW escape stories! Not quite Steve McQueen, but hey…

Good to see you Barro and everyone else i spoke to. Good company there, glad i got out for a social for a change.

No Bike washing…

He looked over the moon being back with some of the faces he remembers and he looked like he was loving the meeting new faces bit even more…Clean shaven, Sharp Suit and a Pint in his hand…

He looked at home !!!

just got in, and again a really great night!!!, so many people and not enough time!, i love the spring!, and Barro, you smelt lovely x


'Ear Barro, you pulled hun!

Defo a great nice, another packed attendance! Thanks everyone! New stickers look goooood

Behave !!

Clean shaven, Sharp Suit and a Pint in his hand…

Thankfully he didn’t spill his pint down it as I have to wear it for work today

What Barro’s been wearing the Blue Stratos again…

Nice to meet you mate! Give us a wave in Kingston if you see me in Kingston! Hope to get the AT on the Track soon!

Both GG and me really enjoyed last night.

Good to catch up with so many of you reprobates

Cheers for another top night, folks! It was grand to catch up with so many of you! Roll on next week… These Wednesday night meets really break my week up in the best way possible

Come on Pat, Barro’s more a Hai Karate man,

Or Tabac or Brut

I too enjoyed last night’s meet. Good to see some new peeps as well.

It really is a great venue and it’s brilliant to see so many people out. I couldn’t stay out long either but it was great to finally meet Stefan although when I tried to find him again I couldn’t!!! I guess he had loads of catching up to do