BBC's BBC-2 Girl ..... anyone ?

That ever happened to the girl that used to sit with the clown, and the blackboard from BBC channels - mostly BBC 2 between actual TV and Ceefax late at night…

My gielfriend took me to a cult-chic bar, and there was a picture of her; wondered since a couple of you guys work for the Beeb… what ever happened to her, who was she and is she still working in TV/Radio or something?

NB, Welcome to LB

… thanks a lot that’s settled an argument …note to all, never go out with a TV/PopularCulture geek … even if one of the perks is she loves Simon Pegg & everything he did (“Spaced” anyone )…I’m off to see Hot Fuzz tonight

It’s really good but I still think “The Shaun of the dead” was funnier