Show about London traffic and its management

For those interested in that sort of thing

I thought I just saw Rusty on there!!:w00t:

And that is proper Star.


ps. you have luck to polish drivers…


How many times does the traffic clear and you think - wtf was that all about - now it’s clear!

Cheers for the heads up.

i’ll catch up on demand, thanks Ollie

That’s what I’ve done, and only because I’ve seen Rosso post about our fellow friend…
Are going to debate this program? As all services know that London need more road to release the traffic, why some blond idiot have more and more ideas to cut amount of roads in London?


nice one ollie.

London doesn’t need more roads (where would you put them anyway?) - It needs less traffic.

woohoo Rusty!

Could they find you a coat that fits???

You can’t trust a …

M25 and M1 to Bedford :w00t:

they didnt show the knob jockey watching a video and seeing a car go in the bus lane by 8 inches and sendng a ticket for that.

please wait for me, havent seen it yet :smiley:

LOL @ the blond idiot :laugh:

Blonde idiot you mean our lad Boris :ermm:

Inventor of the fastest pedal cycle on London’s roads see here at 0:28 as a Boris bike undertakes a Polished Street Triple and leaves it standing :smiley: