BBC TV looking for bike-jacking victims

Just got a note from Ace Cafe sharing BBC documentary info:


BBC London TV’s Crime Correspondent Nick Beake is putting
together a report highlighting an increase in bike-jackings in London.
He’s asking what exactly is being done to protect motorcyclists and keep
their bikes safe. He’d really like to hear from you if you’ve been the
victim of this, particularly if the incident was filmed on a helmet
camera. He’s on 0773 466 3159 or can be emailed at [email protected] and would be really grateful for any assistance with his report which will be shown on BBC TV News.

Jax, hope you’re reading this. You were a victim of attempted bike jacking

Who said that the protest did not have an effect?

no its just a coincidence Jorge. :smiley:

no its just a coincidence Jorge. :D
haha have some faith!!

I was being rhetoric :wink: