BBC Three looks into 'evangelical frenzy' over Apple

I only have Mac’s and Linux based PC’s. After testing software and hardware for 23 years I will not own a windows based product.

OK I do have to test on windows but have all the OS’s as VM’s that I can boot on my Mac Book Pro, my Mac Book Air, my iMac’s (G4, G5 and Intel) my Mac Mini (connected to my 50" Plasma) and my Mac Book.

Not forgetting my iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and my Apple TV all backed up on my 2 TB Time Capsule



Good man, I’m with you on that one! BUT, looks like you are a bit of an Apple whore :smiley:

Yea, about 20% of what you paid for it :wink:

Just a tad :smiley: Didn’t bother listing quite a few other apple bits and pieces I have

yup, but that’s still 100% more than my windows laptops :smiley:

It’s very interesting what Apple have done. Essentially all they’ve done is produced an exceptionally limited PC, dumbed down to a fisher-price level and then re-sold you back all the features through things like “apps”. It’s bizarre how it’s worked. I wouldn’t exactly buy into this neruo-science rubbish, it sounds like self flattery. Anything that is pleasing could be said to tap into your neruo-science.

Also apple have been known to plant actors at the launch of their new products to get people excited.

Also people forget how versatile PC’s are, they deal with hundreds of different hardware and software. Mac’s only deal with what they come with, it’s much easier to design an operating system around that.

I use both apple mac and pc for work and at home and I prefer pc (if you discount the disastrous vista! I still use windows xp!)

  • I’m not an IT techie but I do need to occassionally peer under the bonnet to make stuff work - I find it much easier to tune up/fix/modify a pc than an apple mac - it’s as if apple deliberately want to keep the average user out of the loop and infantilised or something - which is kind of reinforced by the kindegarten look of the hardware/software! :hehe:

That’s fair, but I work with computers all day long - when I get home, the last thing I want to do is spend ages messing around with pcs.

This mac requires very little effort. It boots quickly - quicker than my phone - and just runs. The software is cheaper than PC software and works well. I don’t have a problem with a machine that runs well, looks good and has a retail outlet that can support the machine (swap drives and batteries) half a mile from my house.

Believe me, I put off buying a new laptop for at least two years just because I couldn’t be bothered installing all the crap on a pc that turns it from a brick into a tool. I spent a year looking at macs and wondering if it was all worth it. I got it pretty much configured with everything I needed and so far, it’s been a good decision.

A bit of backpedalling here:

To be fair it’s great that apple exist - it would be terrible if the only major os was just pc - and the aesthetic of their hardware software has always been very cutting edge with an emphasis on simplicity and minimalism which is often a hallmark of well thought out design.

ahem. :smiley:

Yeah - I see your point - I rarely have to p1ss about with my mac unlike the pc - the mac seems a more stable and robust os - but when I do It feels like there is a barrier between me and the os - which you don’t get with the pc.

Mac OS X is basically Free BSD (a unix OS) with all the useful file-based stuff taken away and replaced with half-arsed GUIs.

yeah course they have :rolleyes: when my mac came, it didn’t have anything on it, I had to buy an app to turn the thing on and then another to turn the thing off… ripp off I tell thee.

Whats weird though is it came with this free app called “it works”… where basically it does everything you want it too, quickly, without fuss, and for a long period of time. Something windows apparantly struggled with until windows 7.

With regards the iphone, and most apple products people that sit there claiming you can get a much better spec dell, or pointing out the sony errikson X10 has a whatever megapixal camera for half the costs etc have missed the point totally Apple’s unrivalled success has been down to making technology available to everyone. In a lot of ways they have just repackaged existing technology in a well designed, easy to use product that people previously too scared too try have a go.

Was speaking to one of our technical guys the other day that does on site technical support, who had to go train 20+ farmers how to use thier new iphones! This is a bunch of guys who hate everything about the modern era, technology and gadgets going from nokia 2323’s @ £50 a pop to £420 Iphone4’s.

to think people are brainwashed or tricked by advertising to buy apple products is stupid.