BBC Three looks into 'evangelical frenzy' over Apple

Does anyone else find this kind of thing a bit creepy?

yes i find it creepy, and anyone you speak to who has an iphone has been taken over and believe its the best thing since sliced bread. Most of them will also have an i pod, an imac, and feel sorry for the rest of us who dont.

some of choose not to though, suckers :smiley:

yeah, I’m kind of cynical about Apple. Just walk into the Regent St store soon after a new product release and look at the people buying the latest kit. It’s sickening.

BUT… I love my new macbook pro! It’s like a pc, but without all the hassle. Really, very highly recomended. And in 3 years, it will still be worth some money, unlike an old, broken 4-year-old Sony Vaio.

I think MeGroovy is on this program :smiley:

sucker :w00t:

Funny thing is, when I bought my first Mac in 1997 most people were looking down on me, making me out to be some kind of freak. Now look at them!

With regards to the BBC report, I’m currently reading a book on this subject and according to the author, more and more big companies are using neuroscience to find out more about their customers and have re-designed their products based on brain scan feedback. This is pioneering work and somewhat scary. If any of you is interested in this stuff, here’s the link to the book

As for the brand loyalty towards Apple - it’s all tribal. Humans like to be part of a group. That’s why people like to hang out on LB!

A very relevant academic article - the idea’s been around for years :smiley:

Albert M. Muniz Jr. And Hope Jensen Schau, “Religiosity in the Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community,” Journal of Consumer Research

We do neuroscience testing at work though I’ve not had the opportunity to get involved into it but it’s very interesting…

And yes you are a freak for buying an apple… Any company that deems that even a battery change needs to be done by a highly trained engineer is taking the piss… :smiley:

I understand brand loyalty - but the example in the news report above is something else - it’s turning brand loyaly into a cult - the people working for the Apple store looked brainwashed and seem to have lost their individuality and self determination - no doubt many feel co-erced into behaving like brainwashed cult members for fear of losing their job - cults reinforce their authority through fear.

Fear is one part - cults also care for individuals in their time of need to be able to develop trust to use to their advantage when needed. It’s funny how you can persuade someone to do something if you treat them right when they’re in dire need and slowly manipulate their belief system :wink:

Remind me to give you a slap for that on Sunday :smiley:


i think hes right though


When the iphone came out everyone thought it was amazing, when it couldnt do some very primitive basic things (remember cut and paste)

then each version they bring out everyone believes its awesome and they must buy it.

im an apple iphone use but i have a love hate relation with them, i like the phone yes but i hate the way its done in terms of how every thing needs to be done through them.

the fact that the hardware on them are still years behind other phones in terms of camera size and flash. but yet we still buy into there product.

who ever does there advertisements must be on big buck because when ever you see one it does make you want to get it and you just got to step back and be like no i aint getting sucked in.

never been a fan of mac’s but they look nice that’s what it is.

Hey, hey easy now Mista! I was talking about the time I bought my first Mac in 1997! I only recently acquired an iPhone (not the latest one) and only got it because Orange offered it for free. I’m not your typical Apple addict - I’ve been working with Macs for years, so the novelty of it has worn off a long time ago. I use this stuff for my day job and I don’t think I’m brainwashed, thank you very much :cool:

Just waiting for Alex the Manwhore now to tell me otherwise and take the piss :smiley:

I may not be there but that’s another story :frowning:

Oh no! Why?!

During the world cup last summer me and a load of mates would go and watch the england games at a friends who’s got a big gaff out in the stix, network coverage weren’t the best but my crappy old nokia phone still worked fine, but all the iphone owners kept having to borrow my phone to make phone calls cos their crappy iphones got no reception (on the same network - O2).

I think the iphone is a nice bit of kit, but they should at least make sure it works as a phone first and foremost.

@naturegirl: did my shoulder in training last night - riding for 10 mins this morning was murder. I’m hoping the pain will have subsided by then! :frowning:

That’s not good… Get some rest then. It’s a few more days until then, so fingers crossed and you’ll be ok. GWS :slight_smile:

keeps me busy :wink:

i worked on macs for about 10 yrs prior to my current job.

hated them the whole time, it does make me laugh though that everyone thinks its a new modern thing?!