BBC News Website

I’m a big fan of the BBC, but the refresh to the news website suck donkey balls!

Does anyone like the refresh?

I’ve never been a massive user of the site, but it doesn’t feel mechanically different. It’s a bit eyeball-searing but the UX seem okay to me.

nope it shyte

Glad I’m not the only one.
Don’t like it.

It’s rubbish now.

looks alright to me

Marmite :smiley:

Brutal reviews for the android app update, which I do agree with.

Its horrible.

who was that Scottish bloke on LB who worked on it and where is he when we need him?

For what it is worth the design is ‘responsive’ which essentially means one website for many devices. Try playing with the browser window and making it thinner/fatter vertically (like it would be on a mobile) and you’ll see what I mean. It will rejiggle itself.

No excuse for bad UX though.

edit: do I mean horizontally? Either way, make it thinner!

I don’t like it either. R4 complaints prog discussed it the other week - they’ve had loads of people complaining about it. But the BBC didn’t seem to think there was any problem with it. It’s a shame, as it used to be so good.

I did read the BBC news too until the update. It’s now irritatingly high bandwidth and all multi-media. I prefer reading for international news, the Evening standard for local news. The BBC isn’t a good source of information at all: too many opinion pieces; speculative news instead of actual news; too much regional narrow minded British inbred interest and not enough motorcycle features :slight_smile: