BBC News bit on Chelsea Bridge

Watch here:

hmm, film like that captured by the residents doesn’t paint a particularly good picture of bikers at the bridge! At least they got the ‘it’s only a minority’ side of things in there as well…

I particularly like the biker saying how most of us are law abiding citizens - is that a race can on his bike??

And tonight there was none of this tomfoolery. Just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts chatting quietly over cups of tea from the tea hut.


Nice one mate, we’ll keep this for the archives.

I bet the estate agents that show people to the flat never take em on a Friday night! lol

Mind you the double glazing must be shit if they can here us up there, but iv been going for 20yrs now it would be a shame to stop it all

Sorry - but I cant stand these overpaid tossers who move into an area and then start to complain about it - what a bunch of jerk-offs. I mean, that dick american who looks like Bill Gates " I like to have a good time as much as the next person " - yeah Ican imagine, that would be a Beaujolais Latte in the Frapaccino Bar while wondering how to screw someone else out of their monies. Makes me sick.

Yeah, there’s one thing I wanna say to this fat cunt, in variation of a theme I heard in his home country:


Maybe back in his police-state home country, the po-po would beat the shit out of the bikers, throw them in jail and confiscate their bikes but this is a FREE country. Thank god!!

And what’s with that voice-over comment of “the bikers… making their lives a misery?” Hello, a misery? A misery is living in a council block in Hackney on 70 pounds a week, not living in a 500,000 pound double glazed river front apartment. These people haven’t seen real “misery” in their whole lives.

But – that seems to be the way of the world. Gentrification. Move into some “funky” urban area and make it so dull with their crappuchio drinking ways that it ceases to be funky, then sell up move on and do the next place.

If these fat assholes want peace and quiet, there’s plenty of Berkshire, Surrey and Kent to please everybody. But even then they’ll probably bitch about bikers “screaming down their quiet country lanes on the weekends”. Fuck these people.

well said fella

It is loud i used to live near there (queenstown road) and some of the bikes u can here comeing from miles away, i dont sympathise with them as its one night out of the week so fuck em sad cocks they should be out on the town any way pricks


You guys are fucing noisy i live right by the bridge and am on a 2 year ban,all i can fucing hear on a friday night is bikes till 4.30am.

make as much noise as you can


ride it like you stole it

The bike’s were there long before those ugly glass boxes they call “upper class apartments”…They will never stop it completely unless they ditch the tea hut!

In theory they could complain about the Ace, i know there is no one living near but you look at the amount of drivers that use that stretch of road and some of the antics that go on there!! i love it all, though i do get peed off with snotty tweedies giving us all a bad name, as most of you have said its a minority! we are all good boys and girls arent we?! he he