Battlestar Galactica Season 3 OST

some cool music from the talented Bear McCreary

if you watch the series you’ll know what i am talking about

if not here is (for me) the best song of the series

all OST in 1 Youtube playlist :wink:

frack - how cool is that! :smiley:

GOT to get round to finishing off S2 first and watching Razor, then we can have a full on BSGfest! :smiley:

you STILL havent finished the series!?? Season2 ends brilliantly!!! :smiley:

S3 get better and S4?? No words!! :w00t: I am soooo sad :crying: BG ended

Think I know why you like it :wink:

Pan, you know I like BSG

Whoa - goosebumps. I remember being blown away when it was played in the show.

It’s out on Blu-ray at the end of next month. :wink:

very well made - ive just been offered 3 & 4 plus Razor, so will make a concerted effort :wink: excellent acting!