How long should a battery last? My bike has died on me 2 times in as many weeks and been very lucky to be found next to a hill/ car garage. It’s a 2000 bike and my brother can confirm the battery is the original. Is it time i just get a new battery or could it be another problem? Just sitting at lights and it dies.

I would check the reg/rec - get it running and measure the voltage - should be a stable 13.4v or thereabouts, if it’s higher then the reg/reg is knackered and chances are the battery is fried too. Budget about 50 notes for a battery and about another 50 for reg/rec - plenty of after market ones out there that don’t cost the earth. I got one from a german firm on ebay for 35quid.

oh yeah & 7 years out of a battery is pretty respectable

cheers biggus i’ve gotta take it in for an MOT on saturday so i’ll get the guys to check it out for me.

I’ve just had to replace a battery that’s only 2 years old. I think it had been left discharged for some time which kills them. Under load it was showing only 10V. New battery installed and starter motor speed has doubled.

Good call i need a new battery and rectifier. Also failed the MOT cause i need new brake pads and bearings on the rear end. And there was me thinking it would be a cheap weekend!

Do yourself a favour and visit for your bits.

Will save you a small fortune over dealers prices

Elorex do good aftermarket rectifiers and the batteries I go for a gel one from the net.

Its a honda isn’t it?