Battery...which is best?

As some of you know i have a 1995 Aprilia sr 50 in good condition for its age:D but i am sick of crap batterys!:crying: is there a decent battery that is going to last? the one on it now has lasted 1 year(the longest yet) but i have to charge it before i use it or keep it on the optomiser which is a pain in the ass when the hornets cluttering up the garage floor so there is’nt room to leave it on all night:w00t:
So anyone know of a decent battery?:cool:

What about forgetting about the battery and just kickstart or bumpstart it?

Much cheaper and more reliable :wink:

I do that now and its getting annoying cos it takes far to many kicks to start it:w00t:
I just want a decent new battery so i can use the electric start…:wink:


Expensive but good, if one will fit your bike, its worth the money.

Yuasa are very good, & should do one to fit.

Always go for a heigher “amp hour” if they do one that fits as this will give you more cranking power to the starter motor.


It is not unusual for 50s to need a new battery every 12 months or so. Go to a decent battery dealer - say CPC in Twickenham. Tell the specks of the one you have got and ask them to supply one the same but with a higher rating. They should be able to do that and as the battery will be put under less strain when starting etc it should last much longer.

yuasa or varta :slight_smile: