Battery terminal fixings

Does anyone know where I can get the small square nut and screws used to fix the - + wires to the battery terminals?

I’ve got a flat battery and went to remove it from the bike this morning, in doing so I’ve managed to drop a couple of the fixings in the snow on the street, i tried looking but nohope in finding them plus it was bloddy cold.

so I’ve now got no way to attach the battery cables when I need to do so.

Does any one know where I might get these bits from?


Art junior did the same with his CG125 minus the snow.

Got replacements from local independent motorcycle dealer for the bargain price of £1.00.

Any independent motorcycle dealer will have them, I think the bolt is fairly standard but the square nut comes in various outer dimensions. Juniors were too big, and had to be filed down to fit.

Then again

Find someone who’s had a new battery recently, some replacement batteries include replacement nuts and bolts too, someone on here will have some spares knocking about.

can use any similar size nut and bolt

Have you tried a really strong magnet?

Magnet… pull a speaker apart for a few minutes to search.

Dont know where you are fella but i got a couple you can have in bromley.

Folks, many thanks for the replies but problem solved.

Found a couple of similar sized nuts and bolts in the tool box then used a Dremel to do a bit of cutting and shaping to make them fit inside the terminals!

All sorted!