Battery powered R1!

Battery powered R1!!! Stubbled across this, thought it might be of interest!!!

That’s Amazing, how much it will cost? I suppose it will cheaper than petrol.

Just how big is that rear sprocket!?!?!?!?!

TBH 100mph top end and 75 mile range would do most of the R1 owners I know

I would ride an electric bike into town if it were sensibly priced and had half decent performance

I didn’t know that there was any other type of R1…

I can`t see the once a year power rangers going for that.

a bike aint a bike with out a noise!!!

hmm, 8 grand bike plus 8 grand conversion for 75 mile range before hooking it up for hours to charge it. i’ll pass

this article was the on the r1 forum a while back where a journo tested it. rather him than me…,0,952397.story?coll=la-home-middleright

About as useful as a Gixxer

Amen to that my brother from another mother